Stanton Cross


Wellingborough, Stanton Cross


Galliford Try




2 years across 2 phases


  • 40,000m3 earthworks with 40,000m3 additional ongoing
  • 600 metres of kerb drainage
  • 1000 metres of general site drainage works
  • 2000m of kerbing and road preparation
  • 4500m of edging and footway preparation
  • Installation of 25m x 15m x 6m cofferdam for a holding tank
  • Service crossings
  • Bank Protection works


Barton were contracted by Galliford Try to provide an earthworks and civils package for large scale housing, school and residential development for Bovis Homes.

4000 metres of kerb edging have been laid onsite to date, including storm drains ranging from 900mm to 150mm at various depths, drainage gulley’s and footways. Soft landscaping of onsite soil was also undertaken with further work on a retaining wall to follow.

The site is under development from Bovis Homes, with an expected 3.650 homes, employment areas and shopping facilities planned across the site to rejuvenate Wellingborough.