Wellingborough Crematorium


Doddington Road, Wellingborough


Wates Construction Ltd




5 weeks


  • Top-soil stripping ahead of cut and fill work for external works and access road.
  • Stabilisation cement and lime

Scope of Work

  • Topsoil stripping
  • Cut and fill earth work
  • Access road development
  • Plateau level forming
  • Lime stabilisation


Wates Construction Limited’s East Midlands Office were awarded a Project under the EMPA Framework to deliver a new Crematorium on the Doddington Road in Wellingborough.

The Site was not without its challenges, being located on the side of a steep slope from Doddington Road, into a hollow at the bottom of the site. The site was also adjacent to a newly completed Solar Energy Farm Development.

The challenging site was chosen as the location for the crematorium due to the crematorium’s 9 metre high chimney requiring reduced visibility from surrounding developments. The Design and layout of the landscape and external works were also dictated by the topography of the site and Barton Plant were selected to undertake the infrastructure works.

Barton were contracted to complete top-soil stripping ahead of cut and fill works and the formation of the buildings footprint and associated external works and access road. Due to the nature of the landscape, the forming of plateau levels for car parking was required as the site dropped down a hill, also allowing for the formation of the access road down the site to the main building.

The Building Footprint and plateau area were lime stabilised by our Wirtgen WR2500S mixer and purpose built Terragator spreader, alongside a D6 Crawler dozer and water browser. Following stabilisation, all areas received aggregate capping protection.

On completion of the works Wates Project Manager expressed their delight at the success of working with Barton Plant to deliver these infrastructure works.