Health & Safety

The Company Health and Safety Policy forms the standard by which all employees live and work. The company believes that every  employee has the right to return to their homes after work safely and free of injury. This culture is lead from the top and is adopted from the ground up. No activity is so important that it is worth doing unsafely.  This policy applies whether or not individuals are direct employees, contractors or members of the public.

All works are examined for risks and are assessed. All equipment and machinery is inspected at appropriate intervals be it hourly or daily. Substances are properly controlled and sourced as environmentally friendly as possible. Employees are training and certificated to operate the machinery in their charge and to undertake the work they are assigned.

Using a range of management tools such as “Tool Box Talks”, “Morning Briefings”, “Risk Assessments”, “Safe Systems of Work” and “Permit to Work” systems. In addition to our own procedures we will incorporate the systems of our clients where this is required in addition to our own.

Within the Group the company operate a “Don’t Walk By” philosophy and expect all employees to be proactive at taking responsibility for their own and their colleagues safety and health and that of the wider community.

Our own Health, Safety and Environmental standards are industry leading. We are also able to incorporate the systems, regimes and standards of our clients as required.